Star Lit Path

The Stars are my Serenity The Moon is my clarity It’s light is my guide for each moon drop stride To get lost under night’s veil On an unmade trail Its time to adventure anew For mine curiosity grew What many things there are to give in this life with many years to live Lets […]

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Last Friday (December 1st) I was working a lunch shift. It was a bit slow, but that was no problem at all. I had a woman, her brother, and her son come and sit with me. It was visibly apparent that this man had a disability. He had a walker to assist him and needed […]

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Grasps of a Grim Night

The tides will turn and day will break The cold grasp of darkness you need to shake Sometimes there isn’t a silver lining and confuse this as end’s defining The storm may pass after the sun is set and the moon is dark The clutching grasp of night grim and stark The clouds will blot […]

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Finding ‘The One’

Often times we are always told to find someone who completes us. We are told to find someone who picks up where we fail and be that person to them. A lot of the time, thats where people end up.  I want to say, and it could be slightly jading from past relationships or actual […]

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Between the Ears pt. 2

Been a bit since I last wrote. This time not so much to writers block, but more so because of my bipolar. Due to some issues and changes with my insurance I wasn’t able to see my doctor and have to wait for an authorization to even see him. I’ve been waiting for a bit […]

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Sorry for the delay in writing. I’ve been off the grid for a bit. On top of random travels, I’ve had a bit of writers block. I don’t know exactly what I want this blog to be geared towards. I’m going to broaden the spectrum and even take topic requests? I do like thought provoking, […]

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There is a lot I’ve learned in the last 7 years of my life. Since I graduated high school, I have always second guessed myself. Whimsically I decided that I wanted to join the army. The entire process of me joining the army, I was questioning if I should do this or not. I went […]

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