Finding Motivation

     One of the biggest things I struggle with is getting things done. I find myself asking “where’s my motivation?” or saying that I don’t have the motivation. It wasn’t until a bit ago that I came to the realization that motivation is just what starts it. Discipline is how you continue. Motivation is fickle and flaky. It’s there for just a bit, or until something reignites that desire. If you really want something so badly, you have to drive yourself, you can’t ride off of motivation alone.

     Discipline is integrity. It’s integrity to yourself. Integrity is said as doing what’s right when no one is looking. The difference about this though, is that you are always there. You know what you want and you have to tell yourself, even when you want to, that you need to do x, y, or z, to keep moving forward. You owe it to no one but yourself.

     If it’s something that always comes back up constantly, random bouts of motivation, go for it. It’s something that will keep bothering you until it becomes a constant in your life. Don’t let yourself down.


Photograph Credit: Jarred Paluzzi

IG: @jpaluzziphotography




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