A lot of people think that fate binds us all. That there are “meant to bes.” I can never quite grasp the concept of that. It would mean that every moment in your life is not your own. That no matter what you do was decided before you did it. Why? Because, if anything were different, it could very well change everything to alter that meant to be moment. It means that your will is not your own, and that’s what bothers me most about the idea of fate.

     It would mean the travesty of the Holocaust was predestined, so that it could link the fated meetings of your grandparents to have your parents, to have you, so that you can live out your meant to be. It is incredibly selfish, to say that others hurt, cry, and lose out so you can have your moments.


Photograph Credit: Jarred Paluzzi

IG: @jpaluzziphotography



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