Effort. It is the most overlooked part of dreams. You’ve probably imagined yourself somewhere in life that you want to end up. Where you see yourself being happy. I’m pretty sure you have, just like me, asked “why can’t I just be there now?” The you there, where you want to be, needs to pick the scab of the skinned knee or bruised elbow walking the stairwell to your dreams. The you there is not the you now.

     Fantasizing is all fantastic and fun, but to bring those dreams to fruition, effort is needed. One step at a time. I posted about motivation and discipline, effort is the first step to discipline. That first brick you pave, that is your path, quite literally in a metaphorical sense (lol?). Keep that effort, it may not be as refined as discipline, but it’s another brick fitting perfectly and cemented and caulked on your path. Sometimes we mess up our path though. Sometimes, the brick we put in wasn’t placed right, the cement between might be too high that causes that annoying little bump that you trip over because you didn’t lift your shoe up high enough. Those will be in every path. You will pave a brick path and look back, and you’ll see that you’re so many steps ahead of where you were, when you first looked at the dirt before you with a brick in hand. The path is for you to take, but it’s also yours to pave.


Photograph Credit: Jarred Paluzzi






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