Hesitation is without a doubt one of the biggest destroyers of opportunity, success, and joy. We are given so many chances through life to seize a moment that we let go  by because we stop. Not to let it go intentionally, but to think, “is this what I want to do?”  “Is this how I should go about it?” “What if this,” “what if that?”

     All too well do we know what this moment has  been. You might even be recalling that moment then as you read this. The worst part about hesitation is the feeling after the given opportunity fades into a has been or should have been. That feeling is one of the hardest to deal with. Regret, a topic I’ll probably write about in the future. It’s a feeling we hold onto, and often hold onto for an unnecessarily extensive time. Yet it’s something that could be easily dropped, but the tug of that pain keeps reminding us of what we feel could have been.

     It’s hard to decide not to hesitate. It’s difficult to come to a decision that could have repercussions we may be unaware of, or in fact actually aware that something negative is entirely possible. You may decide to not do a follow up call because you feel you’re going to be off-putting. There may be a moment where you tell yourself that you can’t do something in that split moment of hesitation, when in fact if you went headstrong without that hesitation to give you that seed of doubt, you may have surpassed your expectations.

     Ironically I’m writing this out because I am facing an incredible moment of hesitation where I’m second, third, fourth, and even fifth guessing myself. Last night before bed I decided upon something, only to now sit and wonder if its something I should do. I’m breaking it all down all so that I might figure out what to actually do. However the  more I dwell in this stage of hesitation, I make more excuses and I can already feel the regret.

     I find that I’m incredibly positive and optimistic. My best bet now is to just swallow this regret and push it so far down. Kill the hesitation, swallow the doubt and hope for the best.

Photograph Credit: Jarred Paluzzi




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