Regret is one of the hardest things to get past. We’ve all experienced it before. The ever nagging and sometimes painful reminder that you may not have experienced the heartache, the pain, or loss of something if you had done something differently. I can tell you, I’ve experienced it a lot, hell, I could probably be one of the world’s leading experts on holding onto regret.

     I always say and tell my friend’s that they can’t hold onto the regret they have. It’s a negative reminder of something you can’t change. You can’t change what you did, and you can’t change the outcome. Just like in my post about fate, it is what it is. You weren’t meant to lose that person, fail that test, you weren’t meant to feel the pain you do, but here you are. That misstep that you want to undo may have just set you up for an upcoming opportunity. You may be around the corner from landing the job of your dreams that you could have missed if you did wake up on time.

     Regret isn’t the end of the world. It’s looking back at a door that can’t be opened and forgetting about all the other open doors you can go through. Take the lesson you learn from it and apply it to the next encounter. Maybe you’ll overcome, or experience something that washes out the feeling of regret.

     I can tell you that I hold onto a lot of regret. There are things in my past that I have done, and that my world could be so astronomically different. Sometimes in the deep hours of the night when I head to bed, I ponder what life would be like if I hadn’t done the things I did. When I get melancholy about it, I think of my friends, the job I work at, and everything I’ve experienced that I more than likely wouldn’t have if I could undo the actions that fuel my regret. When I do, that feeling washes away. It fades into nothing, which slowly blooms a warm feeling of happiness and thankfulness that I have what I have now, in part because of the things I have done.

Photograph Credit: Jarred Paluzzi



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