Sorry for the delay in writing. I’ve been off the grid for a bit. On top of random travels, I’ve had a bit of writers block. I don’t know exactly what I want this blog to be geared towards. I’m going to broaden the spectrum and even take topic requests? I do like thought provoking, but I want to be able to reach out with posts to relate too and fun posts.

My trip to Phoenix was a fun one. I lead a mostly sheltered life, so I didn’t really listen to music, save for Radio Disney, until I was in 8th grade. The first album I listened to was ‘Sex Love and Rock and Roll’ by Social Distortion. I went to my first concert of theirs in Myrtle Beach when I was just a junior in high school. Since then, this would make my fourth concert of theirs I’ve been to.

I really do enjoy the little things like this. It may not seem much. It also really bothers my mom a lot. My step father and I don’t talk too much to each other. A lot of conversations are in short passing when I visit. We’ll talk at dinner, lunch, or whatever the occasion may be that I’m with them. Even so, my mom gets on our case that we don’t immediately open up to each other and say ‘hi’ to each other or anything. It’s more so become a bit of a joke now between us. Either I or him will obnoxiously and boisterously yell our greetings so that my mom will hear. She rolls her eyes and gets upset. It’s turned into a mutual connection between us though, one that I enjoy.

I don’t really have a subject for this post, but I guess it could be about the little things. The connections you have with people aren’t necessarily going to be continual or strong. For example, with my father. At the same time, the person you may consider to not be as close to you as others, may be closer to you in some aspects, much more than anyone else.

In the sense of concerts, I don’t think there’s anyone who would routinely hit me up for a concert like my father will. I will always get random messages or text updates about mutually interested bands. Case in point, Social Distortion. The other day he also mentioned Red Hot Chili Peppers, but their concert was sold out, and Shinedown, in which we’re awaiting for a tour date so we can go see them as well.

Don’t pass off the connections you’ve had with people because they aren’t always actively in your life. I see it a lot on social media so much. People will cut others out for the fact that they may not have seen them or hung out with them in months or years. That whatever connection they had wasn’t as strong as it used to be. Don’t cut them out. It just gives you more to talk about the next time you see them, and if you don’t, it’s not worth missing that chance to walk across that bridge you share again.


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