To get it out of the way now, I know there’s an argument that time doesn’t exist and it’s a made up concept. We can talk about that later if you really want to.      Time is one of the most valuable resources we have. It is also probably one of the most stressed […]

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     A lot of people think that fate binds us all. That there are “meant to bes.” I can never quite grasp the concept of that. It would mean that every moment in your life is not your own. That no matter what you do was decided before you did it. Why? Because, if anything […]

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Finding Motivation

     One of the biggest things I struggle with is getting things done. I find myself asking “where’s my motivation?” or saying that I don’t have the motivation. It wasn’t until a bit ago that I came to the realization that motivation is just what starts it. Discipline is how you continue. Motivation is fickle […]

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      It’s a word thrown around a lot. To be kind. To be nice and caring, being a good person. All of these are terms that we try to adhere to, but very often we pass the opportunity to do such on a day to day basis. Being kindhearted is a decision. It doesn’t take […]

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